I moved to Portland, Oregon in 1998 with a broken heart. My ex-boyfriend was a painter and I helped him with composition, but I had never created art of my own. So when I made it to Portland, I decided to buy some supplies, get really good at painting, and kick ass! Within a few years, I was showing all over the city and being commissioned for a ton of commercial work. Now after years of exhibiting my work throughout the country,  and living and breathing my work, it feels strange that I started living creatively late in life. Over the years, my same passion for art has organically carried over to creating spaces.  As an interior designer, I create spaces that reflect my clients as well as the inner artist they may not know they have.  I am passionate about creating spaces that grow and evolve, and that do not fall into trend.  I find quality pieces, not pieces that lose life with time.  Let’s create a forever space together, that will make you so happy to come home.  Home Sweet Home.

Let's talk about YOU for a moment....and the space in which you spend most of your time... your home, or your office, or studio....Have you ever imagined or fantasized what you wished it looked like, or even felt like?  Or maybe you don't exactly know, you just know you want it to change, to be different.  Are there things holding you back, like fears about costs, or feeling like you don't know where to start?  This is where I come in.  I can help you accomplish a profound change in your space, and not leave you so stressed and broke that you can't chill out and enjoy it.  You deserve a space that inspires you, a space that you LOVE.  Let's at least start the conversation.  Contact me and tell me all about it.

You want to work with me if…...

  • You desire to live/work in an inspired space created intuitively according to your style and needs.

  • You trust in an organic working process that thrives 'out of the box'.  

  • You want us to work within a budget, work with some beloved items that you have, or you want a total makeover (we LOVE total makeovers).