Trish Grantham is a niche interior designer/decorator in Portland, Oregon.  She works organically to create your dream space, and is anything but your average interior designer.  Trish has a true talent of maximizing the soul and energy of your space, with your beloved belongings, and a bit of hand holding to help you transition into your new inspired space and life.  It's all connected, and she feels it.  You will too.  The best part: Trish is for the people.  She can create transformations for everyone and anyone.  You deserve and can afford to live in a space you love, and that inspires you everyday.

Here is what Trish offers:

Quick Makeovers- If you have a small budget and just need some help pulling your space together using your existing furniture and decor, resulting in a beautiful and sophisticated transformation, this could be for you.  Contact us for more information and pricing.

Color Consultations & Transformations- Trish shines with color.  She has been known to transform spaces just by painting-it is a powerful tool.  Trust her to take you a bit outside your comfort zone and you won't regret it.  She has been working with her paint crew for 10 plus years, they are the perfect team and don't disappoint.  Contact us for more information and pricing. 

Interior Design Consulting & Concepts- If you are under construction or plan to be and want Trish' advice, she can help you make choices and elevate your project and home.  Contact us for more information and pricing.

Interior Decorating- Renovations, Partial or Full Home- Trust Trish to tune into your style and desires and run with it.  Soulful interiors are what she does best.  She has been shopping Portland for 18 years for the best finds.   Contact us for more information and pricing.


Want Trish to come to your home for a free consultation?  Feel it out.  Contact us to set up a time.